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Commercial Director & Content Creator


Los Angeles based filmmaker, specializing in Tabletop, Food, and Stop-Motion

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Process &

Test shoots, pre-visualization, and all hands on deck.

Whether collaborating with a large crew or in the midst of a solo project,

my approach to creating imagery and telling stories is inherently the same,

revolving around meticulous planning and intuitive creativity.

Primarily focused on advertising, I’m drawn to the simplicity of short-form narratives.

Ranging from the organic imperfections of stop-motion animation

to the visceral appeal and nuanced subtlety of food and beverage,

my process is defined by stories that elevate the ordinary or unassuming.

In orchestrating the delicate balance between the initial concept,

physical production, post and finishing, my experience in cinematography,

visual effects, and motion graphics provide a solid foundation

to create consistently engaging work.




Philipp Girke

I'm a Commercial Director and Cinematographer who thrives off technical challenges and a

hands-on creative environment. 

Art Center College of Design Alumni 2016.


My best work is yet to be crafted,

I’d love to collaborate along the way.

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